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Welcome to the Alaska Ham Radio WIKI. This site is just one part of the Alaska wikicity, and most of this information will be mostly from Ham Radio operators in the Fairbanks Interior. If you have any questions or would like to see information on this page.. Please let me know and I will be glad to inform you on how to add to the WIKI if you don't know. Please be courteous to other users of the WIKI and please use the standard Ham radio etiquette.

Alaska Ham Radio Blog. (Sorry, This Blog has been deleted)

Arctic Amateur Radio Club - KL7KC Edit

The Arctic ARC is the general interest amateur radio club in Fairbanks. Members meet every first Friday of the month at 7 PM. These meetings are open to the public and are held in Room 202 at Hutchison Career Center at 3750 Geist Road.

KL7KC maintains repeaters; 146.88 MHz (-600 Hz shift), which requires a PL tone of 103.5 Hz. and 146.94 (-600 Hz and 103.5 PL) See below for more Interior repeater details.

Amateur radio license exams are given the first Saturday of the month.

For more information, please visit

Two Rivers Contest Club - KL2REdit

N1TX hosts the KL2R contest shack about 20 miles east of Fairbanks. A small group of competiitve hams gathered in 2006 and resolved to establish a modest contest presence just below the Arctic Circle. Since then, the KL2R team have received impressive worldwide acclaim by placing well in a number of significant ARRL and CQ events. True competiitors are few and far between, and the intrepid Zone 1 team generally stick together. Need a sked? Let one of us know. You can keep up with KL2R at their blog .

Local 2m FM Operating FrequenciesEdit

For the past decade, the KL7KC repeater system has fallen into an increasing state of disrepair. It used to connect a significant portion of the Interior. Some sites had to be closed by directive of government entities or lack of access. Expertise faded away.

Most 2m FM across the state has moved to IRLP. The Alaska reflector is #9109. Two RIvers, North Pole, and Eielson AFB are covered by 146.43 PL 123 WL7CW (Node 7794). Others in Fairbanks covering a wide area include

Node Node Call State Frequency PL/DCS Distance in


7768 KL1AC AK 147.1800 100.0 11.24
7388 WL7LP AK 449.2250 123.0 11.76
7099 WL7LP AK 449.2500 123.0 11.76
7369 WL7LP AK 147.2500 123 11.76
7611 WL7LP AK 147.5500 123.0 18.93
7503 KL3DO AK 147.5700 123.0 23.24

For a current list of other IRLP nodes in the area goto and enter 99701 for the ZIP code.

Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS)Edit

Also, among the voice frequencies, there have been a growing number of APRS users. Tourists in summer typically add to the traffic. Even a few aeronautical and balloon APRS stations make their appearance occasionally. Many digipeater sites and igates are centered around Fairbanks, as the effort has been focused on coverage of the paved road system north of the Alaska Range. (Think an area the size of North Dakota.) In practical terms, that means much of the Alaska Highway from the border to Fairbanks, and south to Denali National Park (or at least Healy).

The Anchorage area hams have an independent APRS presence. The Parks Highway south from Denali until about Willow is an APRS dead zone. Elliott, Steese, Denali, and Dalton Highways have very limited coverage. The MANLEY digipeater at Manley Hot Springs has been down since October 2014.

The standard frequency of 144.390 MHz is used at 1200 bps. Wide-area digipeaters and igates in Fairbanks and along the RIchardson and Alaska Highways include TETLIN, TOK, DOTLK, MILTAN (Delta Junction), HARDNG, 2RIVRS (20 miles east of Fairbanks), and FRBNKS.

Wide-area digis on the western arc include FOXAK (12 miles north of Fairbanks), SKINNY (25 miles west of Fairbanks), NENANA, and ANDRSN south of Nenana. The latter three cover the Parks Highway between Fairbanks and Healy.

The local station positions and weather reports are relayed to the internet where they can be viewed at , , and

Plans include expansion of the APRS network for continuous coverage to the Canadian border, including Chicken and Eagle, and link to the network in VY1.


Jerry Curry (KL7EDK) has set up a WINLINK gateway for our use at KL7EDK-10 on 147.96 MHz. His RMS, which also supports PACTOR and WINMOR on HF, runs 24/7. For more information on Winlink, Visit Other Alaskan gateways are listed here .

Interior Scanner Frequencies Edit

As the new ALMR system is implemented, It is harder to monitor "conventional" communications. At this point in time, Fort Wainwright, Eilson, Fairbanks Police, State Dept of Transportation and more are on this system. For more information visit Alaska


Various departments have began to completely use the ALMR system. Currently Feb 07, North Star Volunteer, North Pole Fire, Fort Wainwright Fire, and some others are now solely on ALMR.

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