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Wolf standing in snow

There were numerous wolf encounters in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and Anchorage during November and December 2007. Wolves were reported to be attacking and preying on pet dogs and sled dogs in the Fairbanks area. Wolves live throughout Alaska, however they are not commonly seen in residential areas.

According to this report Alaska state wildlife officials suspect that a pack of five or six wolves are responsible for the deaths of at least three dogs in the communities of Two Rivers and North Pole.

The State of Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game has set up a yahoo group, Fairbanks Area Wolf Reports which people can use to report wolf sightings in the Fairbanks area. A hotline at 1-907-459-7308 - is being maintained by the department and will be updated as new reports are verified.

Links to recent news reports:

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Anchorage Daily News, 12-22-07 reports that "Anchorage has about 25 or 30 wolves in up to five packs, but the Elmendorf pack, which ranges from the Air Force base to the Palmer Hay Flats, is the only one suspected of attacking dogs during recent months."

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The above links are intended to serve as a resource for a more descriptive report on wolf/human encounters, as well as general information about wolves.